Charter Oak Home Care Spotlight

I sat down and spoke with Conant Schoenly, President and CEO and Michelle Jacob, Regional Manager of Charter Oak Home Care and talked to them about their business.  Let’s shine the Spotlight on the story of Charter Oak Home Care:

Charter Oak Home Care is a family owned and run business. It was founded by Newt Schoenly in 1985. He was dedicated to serving the needs of elders who choose to remain in their homes. The company motto “Commitment To Serve” applies to all the services offered through Charter Oak Home Care. They strive to deliver to their family of clients the same quality of service they would wish for themselves. View more about Charter Oak Home Care’s story. 

Core Values

Throughout my conversation with Conant and Michelle, they spoke of the core business values of Faith, Integrity, and Service. “We strive for our values to inform everything we do, from the smallest detail to the big picture.” This was evident when we were discussing the challenging times we are facing right now with COVID-19. For instance Conant stated: “Sometimes things don’t make financial sense but they are just the right things to do, so we do them.” This commitment speaks volumes to the level of services Charter Oak Home Care provides to their clients.

Services Offered

Charter Oak Home Care provides home care services including personal care, Alzheimer’s and dementia care, homemaking, respite care, and through their partnerships nursing care. Charter Oak Home Care also works alongside family members who are caring for their aging loved ones at home through their new Adult Family Living Program.

Family Run

When I asked Conant what makes you different, he replied: “As a family and veteran run company for 35 year we believe that our reputation speaks for itself. We are proud that over these decades we have remained steadfast to our mission and values. Our unusually low staff turnover rate of under 20% compared to the industry average of 54% speaks to our strong culture and that people enjoy working here!” Throughout our conversation one word continually popped up: “FAMILY”. It is apparent when speaking with Conant and Michelle that they consider their staff, as well as the seniors they serve, part of their family and they are committed to finding the best caregiver for each client. Here more about this from one of their clients.

For more information visit the Charter Oak Home Care website.

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