Patient Advocate Services

There are times when you need someone in your corner to be sure that your voice is heard and your loved one is well cared for. Whether it’s talking to the doctor, or a concern at a nursing home, hospital or other care facility, our professionalism and knowledge of the industry allows us to go to bat for you.

Our service includes working with you and the healthcare team to ensure that those hired to provide your care do what they can so you get to live according to your wishes both during your stay and after discharge.

One key advantage of working with a Patient Advocate from New Season In Life is our intimate knowledge of local service providers, insurance regulations and resources available.

We get to know our clients and take great pride in our ability to match them to the best resources. A good fit, positive relationships, and smooth transitions make for a better quality of life for everyone.

Give us a call if you are in need of a Patient Advocate: 860-841-9504

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