Women Reshaping Lives Spotlight

I sat down and spoke with Susan Levine and talked to her about business, Women Reshaping Lives.  Let’s shine the Spotlight on the story of Women Reshaping Lives:

Women Reshaping Lives, LLC is a counseling practice dedicated to helping women face major life transitions related to career, retirement, aging, bereavement, separation, divorce and recovery issues.  Susan also works with caregivers.  “All too often the care of parents falls to the daughters… Working on self-care and relationship issues is very important.”  View more about Women Reshaping Lives:

Susan Levine video

Transitions for Women

Susan and I discussed the many challenges women face, especially during times of transition. Susan helps women move into the challenges.  “It takes a lot of commitment to go through the process.”  Susan states: “We will meet these life changes together by nurturing and cultivating your spirit of resiliency.”

COVID-19 Challenges

It is a time like no other. The pandemic now adds additional life challenges and hurdles to overcome amid persistent feelings of anxiety, isolation, and fear of the unknown. It is more important than ever to have someone to talk to. Women Reshaping Lives now provides that caring, steady presence via Tele-mental Health. In the safety and comfort of your own home you can meet with Susan via HIPPA compliant video or phone sessions.

Healing, Learning, Growing

I asked Susan, what is one thing she enjoys about working with women.  “I love the creativity and variation.  Every person is different.  It keeps me on my toes.”  Susan says her practice is about healing, learning, and growing while connecting with your core values.

Susan Levine video

For more information visit the Women Reshaping Lives Website

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